Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce JOBS PAC endorses Charles Parkin for city attorney.

Article Written by Eric Bradley of The Long Beach Press Telegram on 06/16/13

LONG BEACH >> Damon Dunn, a former NFL player running for mayor next year, has snagged the endorsement of the political action committee of the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

He received the Long Beach JOBS PAC endorsement last week over two other candidates, Jana K. Shields, the operator of a nonprofit education program and two-time 1st District council candidate, and Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske, who is termed out next year.

"Damon Dunn is a registered Independent who has made creating jobs in Long Beach his number one priority, and he is committed to working with both business and labor to realize Long Beach's potential," LaDonna DiCamillo, chair of the Long Beach JOBS PAC, said in a written statement.

Dunn, a real estate investor, moved to the city two years ago after a failed campaign for Secretary of State on the Republican ticket.

He told the Long Beach Lincoln Club in January that he left the GOP and became a decline-to-state voter, in part because he said voters in Long Beach will tune out if they hear a candidate is Republican, even in nonpartisan city races.

The political action committee did not interview two potential big-name entries into the mayoral race -- attorney and Long Beach City College Trustee Doug Otto, and incumbent Mayor Bob Foster.

Otto has pulled papers to run for mayor but has not formalized a bid. Foster has not announced whether he will seek a third term as a write-in candidate.

Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Randy Gordon said both declined to be interviewed for endorsements.

Gordon said he did not see an issue with endorsing for the races almost 10 months before the primary election on April 8.

"We believe that is a short period of time for a very serious citywide candidate," Gordon said.

The Long Beach JOBS PAC also endorsed Charles Parkin for city attorney and incumbent Doug Haubert for city prosecutor.

City Attorney Robert Shannon, who is retiring in July, has named Parkin as his preferred successor.