A Letter from Terese Parkin

I wanted to share with you on a personal level some attributes about Charlie you may not have heard in all the political talk.

We are high school sweethearts from the 1976 class of St Anthony’s High School. We are happy to have just celebrated our 37th anniversary in May.

7th District Councilman-Elect Roberto Uranga Endorses Charles Parkin for City Attorney

"I have known and worked with Charlie since my earliest days with the City of Long Beach. Charlie has the experience and leadership we need in this vital position. His knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of the City Attorney's Office and the diverse support he enjoys across all areas of our community make Charlie Parkin my choice on June 3rd".


Gerrie Schipske Endorses Charles Parkin for City Attorney

Schipske, an attorney admitted to the US Supreme Court Bar in 1997 said, "I have known and worked with Charlie for many years. I have always found him to be thoroughly professional and willing to listen to and work with all parties to achieve the best legal solutions for the residents of Long Beach." 

Schipske added, “The City is at a crossroads with the election of a new mayor and five new councilmembers. Legal and management experience are vital to this job and Charlie Parkin is the candidate with the necessary preparation to hold this position. I strongly urge Long Beach voters to elect Charles Parkin City Attorney on June 3."

Doug Otto Endorses Charles Parkin

Former President of the Long Beach Bar Association and current Long Beach City College Trustee Doug Otto has announced his endorsement of City Attorney Charles Parkin in the June 3rd municipal general election. 

Otto, a recent Mayoral candidate and Long Beach Bar Association Lawyer of the year in 2005 said,  "I'm endorsing Charlie because he has the breadth of experience as an attorney to fulfill this essential role. We need a city attorney with the background and experience to guide and advise the city in all its complex undertakings.” Otto added, “This job requires expertise in municipal law, experience in complex litigation, and the leadership to bring the whole team together. Charles Parkin qualifies on every count. James Johnson does not.”


Councilman Dee Andrews Endorses City Attorney Charles Parkin

“The City Attorney’s office provides the city council with important legal advice and works closely with those in public safety to improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods of Long Beach,” Andrews said. “Charlie’s nineteen years of service in the city attorney’s office gives him the necessary experience to properly serve Long Beach residents. He is the best choice for City Attorney.”

Crucial City Attorney Position Is No Job For Politically Propelled Johnson

"In my opinion, Charles Parkin has the experience, expertise, and intimate knowledge of how the City of Long Beach operates. He deserves our support but more important we as residents of this city need him there, not a politically driven soon-to-be-former Councilman who is under the belief that he deserves to be handed this very important job."

Long Beach Register Endorses Charles Parkin

We think the next city attorney will already have plenty on their plate, and we agree with Mr. Parkin’s more strict philosophy of the job. This coupled with his commendable track record makes him the candidate we would entrust to keep Long Beach on the strongest legal footing.

Long Beach Business Journal Endorses Charles Parkin and Offers Deep Insight into Opponent

Being city attorney is not like running for city council. Experience does matter. The ability to manage other attorneys and related staff does matter. Being knowledgeable about, and having hands-on involvement in, a wide range of city department functions – such as tidelands, the port, the water department – does matter. Being independent does matter. Every day, legal issues flood the office of the city attorney. It’s an all-encompass- ing job that requires a professional’s professional. On-the-job training is simply not acceptable. 

Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe Endorses City Attorney Charles Parkin

“Charlie has earned my endorsement because of his commitment to improving the quality of life in all neighborhoods of Long Beach. Throughout his nineteen-years of practicing municipal law, he has earned the trust of a wide variety of community stakeholders, such as those representing the business community and the labor community,” Supervisor Knabe said.