Former California Governor George Deukmejian Endorses City Attorney Charles Parkin





Former California Governor George Deukmejian Endorses City Attorney Charles Parkin 


Former California Governor George Deukmejian is the most recent leader to endorse Charles Parkin for Long Beach City Attorney.

“The leadership Charlie brings to the City Attorney’s office is unmatched by any other candidate seeking this important office,” Deukmejian said. "As a Long Beach resident, I believe that it is imperative our City Attorney be an experienced municipal attorney with a proven track record who is capable of providing objective legal advice to our City Council on complex legal matters. Charlie Parkin is clearly that person."

Deukmejian represented the Long Beach area in both the State Assembly and Senate. He was elected as California State Attorney General in 1978, before being elected Governor of California in 1982. He served two-terms as Governor.

“Governor Deukmejian served the residents of Long Beach and the people of California with distinction for nearly three decades in public office. His endorsement of my campaign is one of the highest honors I have received in my career,” Parkin said.

Parkin joined the City Attorney’s office in 1995 as a Deputy Attorney in Litigation after serving in the Long Beach Department of Oil Properties. Since joining the City Attorney’s office, Parkin has held the positions of Deputy City Attorney, Principal Deputy and Assistant City Attorney. The Long Beach City Council appointed Parkin full-time City Attorney in July of 2013. 

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